>> Friday, November 03, 2006

Ok, I really like my job.

Yeah - I do. I really enjoy it.

The people I work with are great. (There's always some weirdos - but they're everywhere.)

I like it here.


From the beach on Monday

>> Thursday, November 02, 2006

Um...definitely a tough life I live.



The 'ole Cingular bill was cut in HALF this month. (I still don't know how it was $300, but whatev.)

When I head back to T-town a week from today, I'm switching back to flippin' Verizon. Friends, I will then call you.


I'm feeling...

>> Tuesday, October 31, 2006

...better about driving here. I drove ALL around downtown Cabo last week, and to the airport 4 times - I'm feeling good.

Very empowering. Odd, I know. But really.


GREAT visit

It's been a LOVELY week:

  • C. was here for the entire Company-sponsored fishing tournament. He was SUCH a help.
  • We celebrated our anniversary (a couple days later) with a GREAT meal down in San Lucas.
  • C. applied for his FM3 and it has ALREADY BEEN approved! Why is this good? Because we can begin to make FINAL plans for his actual LIVING and moving here. YAY!
  • (Yay again to the bullet above.)
  • We were able to stay in a $25 million dollar home for 2 nights. You guys, unbelievable. The view? Un.be.liev.able.
Random not-so-celebrity-citing:
C. and I saw Ron Jeramey (porn star, Surreal Life, etc.) down at the airport. Um, let's just say, "ew." (Quite honestly, "ew" could be said again and again.) Slovenly and just gross. I think that Gene Simmons from KISS will end up looking very similarly to him. (Mr. Jeramey was the "special guest" at the Pimp 'n Ho this past weekend...)