So, I'm in the shower this morning.

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I usually dry my eyes with a dark colored wash cloth, you know, just in case I still have eye makeup on. (I don't like to get it on our white towels.)

I grab the brown wash cloth and guess what crawls out of it, onto my face then down my body?

As I screamed?

A cockroach.

We haven't had a cockroach in our house for quite sometime. 'Tis time to be fumigated again.

**Recovering from the heart attack still.


*Sigh. What I wouldn't give for a Petco or Pet Supplies Plus.

>> Monday, August 20, 2007

So I go to the one pet store in San Jose today. Ok, probably in all of Cabo.
It's about as big as master bathroom with double sinks.

This store. Oh, this store.

First off, I go in there looking for a simple item: a pet crate for Fergie. I explain this, in Spanish, to a woman who proceeds to grab my puppy who is sitting at my feet and starts kissing her. She apparently works there? And there's a pre-requisite to wear pink bubblegum looking lipstick? Ugh. Get off my dog. Where's my wash hand? (Hand wash to those of you who aren't Chloe.)

Do they have a dog crate for 3 lb. Fergie? No.

But, they have two cat ones.
And one ugly, yellow and black bubble looking one. The door doesn't swing open, instead - it actually has to come off it's hinges each time you open and close it.

It's ugly.
It appears that it has been used. (Hair in it, dirty, etc.)

And, it's $34.


There were no other choices.
I had to do it.
C. and I now call it the, "Bumble Bee." When Fergie is bad, she has to get "stung" and go in it. (We thought we were clever.)
Sometimes I would just really like variety.


I throw my hands up... Figuratively, well...and literally.

So, far the past 7 years, we (C. and I) have abstained from meat. (We eat fish.)

We've endured people admonishing us regarding this personal choice.
We've heard people say, "I could do that...but wouldn't."
We've heard people say, "You CAN'T EXIST WITHOUT meat!"
We've heard people tell stories about cavemen.
We've heard about how "men need meat."
It's gotten old.

At every cookout, dinner with new friends, breakfasts, restaurants - you name it, we've had to explain that "no, we don't want the side of bacon, sausage patties or sausage links." And, "Yes, I want a egg mcmuffin with no sausage, bacon or whatever. JUST EGG AND CHEESE."
So, all this said - living in MX is tough.
Options for meatless eaters who hate to cook because it's too hot are slim.
There is no morning star here.
Hardly any Boca. It's bad.
So, we're eating some meat. Slowly.
My goal is to eat it every month. (maybe.)
I still hate pork. I don't want to eat chicken. And I will never, ever eat a hot dog. (Blech.)
So, in an effort to take care of my body's protein's needs, I am going to attempt to include some meat. Maybe. Maybe.
Hear me now: I will go back to a meatless life as SOON as I get back to the States. I will. Amen.

(C. will, too.)


Will Dean affect Cabo?

I'm hoping not.
(We're located at the very tip of the peninsula to the left of the dark green.)