It came!

>> Saturday, July 29, 2006

The apostilled transcripts are here!


(They were actually stuck in our mail slot - which we never use, since we have a mailbox - on the 27th! Yesssssssss!!!!)


Cingular it is.

Yesterday, C. and I traveled around T-town to get my new, pink razr, Verizon phone. Why? Because I've talked with several people at Verizon beforehand (the 800 number), and they all assured me that, "Yes, a Motorola pink razr will indeed work in Cabo San Lucas, MX without being on roam." (I was so excited. )

So, Craig and I waited for as long as we needed to, so that if it doesn't work - we could bring back the phone withing the buyer's remorse grace period of 15 days. (We thought, but on the 29th - then return when I'm back from Cabo on the 9th.)

Let's start this adventure:

Background info: C. has the flu. We both hadn't eaten yet that day. (Forgot. Too busy.) It's about 2:30 p.m.

Stop 1: Verizon Store - Maumee
Wait in line for far too long. Tell the Sales Rep I'm moving to Cabo San Lucas, MX. That I need the "North America's Choice" calling plan. She agrees. Tell us they have no pink razrs, but that they DO have them at the Central Ave. store. (Of course, I want the phone I want - since I have to have it for 2 years and all...)

Stop 2: Verizon Store - Central Ave.
Get there after long delay on 23. Line not too long. Girl tells me that she doesn't think the pink razr will work after I tell her what I need. I tell her I've talked to three people at Verizon now, and they said it will. She says, "sorry - got no phone." She calls the brand NEW store in P-burg. They have 29.

Stop 3: Verizon Store - Perrysburg, Levis Commons
We get BACK on the e-way - we are starving at this point. However, this final stop with us is ok because they're a new sushi restaurant that opened nearly the Verizon store. So, we think: "go in, get the phone, go eat!" Right? Wrong.

We walk in. The store is brand new, smells clean - lovely. VERY nice sales rep helps us out. She says, "Yeah, I don't think you'll get any service down there with Verizon." I tell her, "I've talked to 4 people at Verizon (I called another on the way to P-burg in the car.) and they've all told me I will." She takes a while, is very thorough, looks at maps, talks to supervisors. Result: "Nope. No service. So sorry about that."

So - after all of that - all 2.5 hours worth of that - it was so lovely to find that we could have avoided so much had we just driven to P-burg to begin with. (But, we didn't know that the store existed.)

So, at that point. We had had enough.

Sushi time! Right? No. Wrong. The restaurant wasn't open yet. Too early in the day.

C. & I? Yeah, we're teetering on the edge.

We went to Wendy's. Ate something. Regrouped.

We decided to go to Cingular - since we know that B. and T.'s cell's work in Cabo. Off we went.

Stop #4: - Cingular Maumee
Great store. No line. Great people. L. and M. were very handy. Got the pink razr. Am probably going to get raped with charges. (Read: .69 cents per minute to the States.), but oh well. At least it will work if/when necessary. Quite annoying and frustrating. But, ah well.

I haven't ported my Verizon # over to Cingular yet, b/c we just want to make sure that all is well, working properly, etc before we do it. Then, when I come back on the 9th - if we're a "go," I'll port my number.


I'm over this "preparation stuff." They really need to make moving to another country a bit easier.


Doin' ok

>> Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today was my first day after leaving my job. I did just fine. I think it helps that I am crazy busy. I ran errands, am doing laundry, cleaning and that's about it.

Very good.

Onward. I'm ready.


Don't let me down Ken Blackwell

I called the Secretary of State's office today about my apostilled transcripts. The woman said, "They would have went out yesterday." So - hopefully I get them tomorrow.

(I included a next day air label...)




If you ever riding on an American Airlines flight and want to take an extra bag with you, beyond your alloted 2 - it's $100 per bag. FYI.


Whew. My Last Day.

>> Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today is the day. Soon I'll be leaving and heading to this.

I am excited. (And Sad.)


Little Clearer

So, it appears that our is move is becoming a bit clearer.

Today is my final day at work - and I'm feeling several emotions, all at once. Which quite honestly, I've grown accustomed to doing the past month or so.

I'm sad to leave my friends. I'm not sad to leave my job and the responsibilities that come with it.
I'm quite excited to start this new chapter. As a matter of fact, I'm ready to just do it. I'm not sure I want to keep "planning for it" or "keep thinking about it." I just want to GO. Get past this "goodbye" stuff.

All very interesting. And overwhelming. And exciting.


Last night I had a great night with M., J., S. & K. We went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant and just chatted, laughed, cried, laughed and cried. It was wonderful. And I felt loved. I'm so thankful for them.


(The picture above was sent to me by Tootsie Muffin Willhite on 7/25/06. She's such a thoughtful dog.)


Mexican Auto Insurance

>> Monday, July 24, 2006

To research:


Not enough hours in the day.

I have 3 days left at work. And, I must admit, both the excitement and nervousness are taking a toll. I don't really sleep all that much.

For all of the people who have asked that I see them before I go, do know - I am doing my best. Really, I am.