The fastest service. Ever.

>> Friday, August 03, 2007

Listen to this: This morning I talked to the Los Cabos A/V guy about getting dish satellite in our house. (We lived without it for about 3 weeks, not bad, we didn't mind really...) Anywho, I talked to the guy this morning and it was installed today by 6 p.m.


That NEVER happens here.

Whether it's illegal or not is none of your concern. Bottom line is that we have a SIX FOOT WIDE DISH bolted to our roof ensuring that we pick up all U.S.-based channels. I'm assuming Toledo channels, too. All for just (?) $950.00 USD. (That was a fun check to write.)

So, here we sit. On a friday night. Eating a pizza and sharing a 40 oz. Miller Lite. Watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on the Travel Channel. It's a good night. A good night, friends.

*Note: We still don't have the main networks - but will get them later. Just not the west coast feed, the East Coast.


I have an unhealthy addiction to Kinders

>> Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Kinders I prefer are the long ones, filled with the white chocolate, or leche, or something. However, I do enjoy the kinder sorpresa (surprise) eggs filled with small choke-able toys. I think they are from heaven and I am unable to eat less than 3 at a time. (I'll be honest. Of the long ones. I don't eat three eggs at a time. I'm not a pig.)

Well, get this: a squirrel in Finland shares the love for kinders.

Reader below:
HELSINKI (Reuters) - A Finnish squirrel with a sweet tooth heads to a Finnish grocery shop at least twice a day to steal "Kinder Surprise" chocolate-shelled eggs.

"I named it the Kinder-squirrel, after the treats. It always goes after them, other sweets do not seem to interest it as much," the manager of the store in Jyvaskyla, central Finland, told Reuters.

The confectionary, which is intended for children, has a toy inside.

"It removes the foil carefully, eats the chocolate and leaves the store with the toy," Irene Lindroos said.

Unfortunately, the bushy-tailed thief does not clean up after itself, but leaves the wrappers behind, she added.

Squirrels have a well deserved reputation for being clever and adaptable animals. Many a home owner has seen the small rodents raiding their supposedly "squirrel-proof" bird feeders.


The Stove is here!

>> Monday, July 30, 2007

It showed up!
C. went and picked it out and it arrived!
It's a Bosch 6 burner. Fun!
(As if I cook.)
First meal on it: velveeta shells and cheese!

(Sorry for all of the exclamation marks. It was an exciting day. I'm sure you understand. Try living with out a stove for nearly 3 weeks. You'd be happy, too.)


Mexican baby shower

>> Sunday, July 29, 2007

Went to my first Mexican baby shower last night!
Totally fun. Very cool. It was for D., a friend/co-worker.


  • Homemade salsa & guacamole
  • Tuna cake
  • Spanish baby bingo (very good for those growing their vocabulary)
Totally fun. Totally new experience.

*D. didn't open her gifts and I have to tell you, I loved that. Instead, we all just chatted, ate, drank and played games. Phenomenal if you ask me.

Lovely time.

*Note: Bingo card scan to come...


My first Mexican flower shop visit

You walk in, there are flowers on the left. (fake, unwrapped).
Also, on the right - more flowers, wrapped.

Walk forward, you'll find a cooler filled with all the real flowers.

Employed there were three men. Odd. Weird experience.