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>> Friday, August 03, 2007

Listen to this: This morning I talked to the Los Cabos A/V guy about getting dish satellite in our house. (We lived without it for about 3 weeks, not bad, we didn't mind really...) Anywho, I talked to the guy this morning and it was installed today by 6 p.m.


That NEVER happens here.

Whether it's illegal or not is none of your concern. Bottom line is that we have a SIX FOOT WIDE DISH bolted to our roof ensuring that we pick up all U.S.-based channels. I'm assuming Toledo channels, too. All for just (?) $950.00 USD. (That was a fun check to write.)

So, here we sit. On a friday night. Eating a pizza and sharing a 40 oz. Miller Lite. Watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on the Travel Channel. It's a good night. A good night, friends.

*Note: We still don't have the main networks - but will get them later. Just not the west coast feed, the East Coast.


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