I'm tired.

>> Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today was a 12-hour day.
I got home about 20 minutes ago, ate my favorite meal (waffles, a ton of butter and syrup) and am now going to go start on my FINAL ad of the night.

No complaints. I'm just tired.

I'm ready to catch my zzz's.

(This time next week I'll be home with my husband and dog.)


'Twas a good day

>> Wednesday, December 13, 2006

8 - Pilates at 8 today. It was good even thought it was Camilla and not Mara.
72 - Was the temperature today as I was driving home from work.
7 - days until I see my husband, dog, family, friends, home, etc.
12 - more days until Christmas. Insane.
3 - more days until I can wear my red shoes again. (To the Christmas party, of course. If I should so decide.)
7 - The entirely too early time that I have to get up tomorrow in order to go to the Sales Meeting.

Going to bed.


(Again, I go to bed pleased. Everything is falling into place.)


This has been a good week

Everything is falling into place

This morning my sister and I went over to the original condo/home/area/neighborhood/development that we originally looked at a while ago and picked one out that will be ready in January!

T. (my sister) is buying the whole thing and renting it to us. (This is so awesome, since we're already paying on our home in Ohio. Renting is a good option for us.)

It will be a shell -- needing painting, a kitchen, you name it -- but it will be ready for us to start working on it, etc. How fun!

I'm so excited!

It's a 3-bedroom (I think, it was), 2.5 bathroom home that is just lovely. Perfect for the three (Me, C. & Nattie). Yay!

Boy... I'm starting to feel much better about everything. I know it sounds trite, but this really is such a great Christmas so far. It's all coming together.


(To put this into perspective for you, finding a home in San Jose is impossible. It's nearly impossible. Aside from knocking on people's doors asking them to move out, there is NOTHING available. So, this -- this purchase by mi hermana is SUCH a blessing, such a worry now dealt with. So cool. Sweet.)



>> Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We're ALMOST there.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Update: C. has told everyone at work that he's leaving now.
His last day will be Friday, December 22nd.



Why do Mexicans insist on calling me, "Kelly"?


Meet Lola!

C. found me a car. Yay!
She's a 2005 silver Grand Cherokee with a HEMI.
Only 11,000 miles!
It's currently located in Wisconsin. (The Cheese state. Where M&Mwere engaged.)
C. is flying to Milwaulkee on Saturday and will drive it back for me Saturday afternoon/evening.
I've named her, "Lola." (Say it with a spanish accent. "Low-lah!")




Bought 'em

>> Monday, December 11, 2006

I just purchased our tickets.

C. & I will return to the SAME country on December 28th.

Let the games begin.


He did it!

It's becoming finalized.

C. put his 2 weeks in today! His boss responded very kindly. His last day will be Monday, December 25th.

Merry Christmas. :-)


These 10 fuzzy chicks

>> Sunday, December 10, 2006


These 10 fuzzy chicks illustrate just how many more days I will be alone.

After more than 125 days apart - C. and I are nearing the finish line. We're almost there.

I know I talk about this incessantly, but I just am so pleased that soon I will be waking up to my best friend again.

No more ga-jillion phone calls.
No more sad nights.
No more loneliness for both us.
No more international commuting.
No more flying solo.

I cannot believe that soon we'll be together.


Go ahead, tell me what this means.

This "sign" is painted on the ground of the parking lot at a San Lucas grocery store. $10 million dollars to anyone who has any idea of what it means.

What, in your estimation, is it trying to communicate to drivers? (It totally looks like something from LOST having to do with the Dharma Initiative.)

This is why no one really knows how to drive in Mexico.


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

C. and I decided to not do the "Christmas Tree" thing this year in Ohio.

Quite frankly, it's just too difficult.

I get home on the 21st and we leave on the 28th -- not enough time to buy a tree, put it up, wait for it to "fall," decorate it...then take it all back down again. Nah, not this year.

On that same note, I am SO not in the Christmas spirit. At all. It's just so weird when it's December 10th and it was nearly 80 or so today. Not.In.It.At.All.


#983 thing I love about Cabo

Getting my car washed for 40 pesos (about $4) in the Mega parking lot while I grocery shop.
That's so awesome.

**Note: When I was in Mega, I actually heard "Feliz Navidad" on
the speaker system -- cracked me up.