This has been a good week

>> Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Everything is falling into place

This morning my sister and I went over to the original condo/home/area/neighborhood/development that we originally looked at a while ago and picked one out that will be ready in January!

T. (my sister) is buying the whole thing and renting it to us. (This is so awesome, since we're already paying on our home in Ohio. Renting is a good option for us.)

It will be a shell -- needing painting, a kitchen, you name it -- but it will be ready for us to start working on it, etc. How fun!

I'm so excited!

It's a 3-bedroom (I think, it was), 2.5 bathroom home that is just lovely. Perfect for the three (Me, C. & Nattie). Yay!

Boy... I'm starting to feel much better about everything. I know it sounds trite, but this really is such a great Christmas so far. It's all coming together.


(To put this into perspective for you, finding a home in San Jose is impossible. It's nearly impossible. Aside from knocking on people's doors asking them to move out, there is NOTHING available. So, this -- this purchase by mi hermana is SUCH a blessing, such a worry now dealt with. So cool. Sweet.)


malissa 7:25 AM  

i am very happy that you are taking care of things with the housing situation! ;) and more importantly, i think that one of those bedrooms will be reserved by MOI for a little stay in the future.....

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