Tomorrow I will see him.

>> Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tomorrow I will throw my arms around his neck and kiss and hug him a million times over.


Because he's mine and we'll be together again.


2 more nights

>> Tuesday, December 19, 2006

TWO more days! YAY!

It's going to be a busy trip home, but I'm ready.



>> Monday, December 18, 2006

Today was a Monday. A Mexican Monday.

I woke up in a great mood - however, I realized yet again that the my personality is very dependent on the weather. For some reason it was overcast today, and dark...and well, I was also overcast and dark.

However, my mood shifted thanks to the little ray of light personified as my niece, Chloe. (I write about her on Two Pretzels in my ChloMo's). She's pretty great.

Chlo and I had a date tonight.

First, we went to Mega to pick up our current favorite cereals for breakfast. Me: honey nut cherrios, her Cocoa krispies. We also picked up a new coloring book and some new colored pencils for her so that she could be busy during my 8 p.m. pilates class.

So, we went to the 8 p.m. pilates class and it turned out to be a "private" lesson. (nice)

Best part of the evening: Chloe and I went to McDonald's and hung out. We sat at a "high table," shared french fries (ew) and a McFlurry (oreo) and played "war" with Christmas playing cards, then Go Fish.

We had a great time.

We discussed what she wanted to be when she grew up (the president or a teacher. She also said she'd be the president of the U.S., not Mexico...) and we also discussed important topics such as vacationing, whether or not I believed if her cousins would be on Santa's "naughty or nice list" and how I felt about Kwanza. (??? Apparently she likes Kwanzaa because she likes dridels. I think she's confused.)

Anway - it was a great night and I enjoyed every second of it.

It's these little moments that clearly convince me that I want to be a Mom.

Kids are gifts.


Do they really do EVERYTHING differently? Yes. The answer is a resounding "Yes."

The woman who cleans our office has an interesting way of "vacuuming" the office carpet.

She sprays cleaner all over it (huh?) and then proceeds to sweep it.

With a broom.


Another one of those, "Only in Mexico" moments...



I know you don't want to hear the "countdown" everyday - but I must do it.

THREE more days, ya'll.

(I'm southern now.)


Fo Mo

>> Sunday, December 17, 2006

Get this, in four days - I'm going home to see my husband.

I cannot believe we're almost there. I cannot BELIEVE it. going to be so hard this week. So hard.


Rundown of My Life

  • Friday we had a great event for work. It went super well, had a great time.
  • Friday night went to a Christmas party, also had a really lovely time.
  • Saturday was our work Christmas party in San Lucas - had lots of fun.
  • Wore THE RED SHOES. (Click for photos)
  • An individual from Extreme Home Makeover fondled my leg. (Not to worry, I believe he's somewhat more smitten with men...)
  • Today ate at Lenny's (the "American breakfast" place in San Lucas) - was super good.
  • Went down to the new tattoo shop to check it out.
  • Currently watching Love Actually because it's "one of those days."