Rundown of My Life

>> Sunday, December 17, 2006

  • Friday we had a great event for work. It went super well, had a great time.
  • Friday night went to a Christmas party, also had a really lovely time.
  • Saturday was our work Christmas party in San Lucas - had lots of fun.
  • Wore THE RED SHOES. (Click for photos)
  • An individual from Extreme Home Makeover fondled my leg. (Not to worry, I believe he's somewhat more smitten with men...)
  • Today ate at Lenny's (the "American breakfast" place in San Lucas) - was super good.
  • Went down to the new tattoo shop to check it out.
  • Currently watching Love Actually because it's "one of those days."


een,  6:48 AM  

red shoes=HOTNESS

T.L. Curth 7:22 AM  

So...still considering a tattoo? Do it! Do it!

I think I'm getting one more...2 little stars - perhaps on my foot - for my 2 little girls. :) [Got the inspiration from InStyle mag].

Husband just rolls his eyes when I mention it. hee hee.

Two/Dos Pretzels 9:55 AM  

I love the stars idea, Traci. LOVE it.

(Yup, still gonna do the tattoo thing. big lilies on the side of my ribs down to my lower back.)

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