Welcome, welcome!

>> Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tomorrow is exciting.

First off, this month has been very exciting in terms of friends visiting Cabo.

C.'s best friend and his family were here all last week. (Left Saturday.) SO great to see them.

Tomorrow (Thursday) our friends E., S. and J. are arriving to celebrate J.'s 30th birthday!

THIS, friends, is VERY cool. As they are some of my favorite people in the world.

Then, after that - one of my college friends, V. is coming to visit. Wah-who! I haven't seen her since we got married nearly FOUR years ago!

Crazy. We have more people visiting us here in Cabo than in Toledo... Hmmm.....

I wonder why that is...


Somewhat frustrating

>> Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I keep trying to remind myself that hurdles can be overcome and that everything happens for a reason.

Today was frustrating. Attempted to buy tennis shoes, however the ONE store in Cabo only had THREE pairs of SEMI-COOL tennis shoes, NONE of which were under an 8.5.

Then, we drove to City Club (the one place we've seen self-blowing up air mattresses before) and they had....NONE. (We need it for guests who are coming to visit.)

And the kicker...

We can't live where we're living with our dog. We thought (naively) that we would be able to "sneak" Nattie in to our "condo (old people) community," but it's not going to happen. (My brother still says we can get away with it... but, is it really fair to our dog to never go on walks and live inside?)

My brother and his fiance were told that they or their dog had to go.

SO... back to square one.

Our lease for this apartment is through September, and the idea of living without Nattie until September makes me so beyond sad. So beyond sad.


Just when things were starting to be "ok" and "normal" we have a (HUGE to us) setback.

I know to some people it's not that big of a deal, but to C. and I - it's really our world.

Going to bed now.