I'm exhausted.

>> Friday, July 13, 2007

Yesterday we moved from Mykonos 201 B to the house on Fonatur.
I'm exhausted. And excited.

1.) It was 90 degrees.
2.) We had worked all day, then moved at night.
3.) We moved all of our stuff from the second floor, into our cars, to Fonatur, up about 12 stairs, a short walk and into our new house. I'm too old for this.
4.) Since I was in a new place yesterday, I didn't sleep well. Don't you hate it when you wake up every hour?
5.) We have no microwave (must buy) and our stove doesn't work. Thank goodness we have that toaster oven. :-)

I LOVE our new place. It's quirky, but then again - so am I, and whether he wants to believe it or not, so is C.

So, it's an absolute mess right now, but ah, well.

Last night around 11:30 p.m. we were both sweaty and gross. I tried to take a shower but found that there was no hot water. That was frustrating. Hopefully today there will be hot water.


The wall is lookin' good.

>> Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Semi-finished Kitchen Update

Before. Ugly wood.
(Me, upper right hand corner. Don't ever say I'm not on my blogs.)

Before Ugly. Ugly color. Ugly light. Ugly combo.

After: The almost finished kitchen!
Bright. Lovely. Airy.

Stainless hardware and hinges

C.'s painted crown molding. So nice, good lookin'

New Light fixtures

** Still have to get a new stove any day now and a new sink.


Concrete Block Patio wall going up.

>> Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This wall separates our patio half from our lovely new neighbors.
(They're quite nice. A family of four. Husband, wife, little boy, little girl.)


First shots of the painted cabinets

Already a HUGE difference.


The rug arrived

Happy with it. (More camera phone pictures.)
(The star is not part of the rug.)
It was a much darker green than what we thought, but we like it mucho.
However, the smaller rug and the runner did not show up. Interesting.
Must figure that one out. I checked the tracking online and apparently a, "Jesus" at the importer's signed for the whole thing. So, perhaps it's still at the importer's.


Huh? I mean, in theory it works

I was cleaning out the fridge of the new place and I discovered an air freshener (see above). In the fridge. The kind of air freshener that you'd perhaps put in your closet.

It smelled like a fresh bouquet. In the fridge.

In theory this certainly makes sense... I suppose.

Made me smile.


Stuff that's in your fridge when you have workers in your home that are of the Mexican nature

1. Water.
2. Cheese
3. JalapeƱos

This made me smile.


C. is a god.

Last night we went over to the house so that C. could put up some crown molding on the cupboards before the painters paint today.

We were there from about 8:30 until 11:00 p.m. He does everything perfectly. Precise cuts, etc. And, the poor guy had to use a little saw, nothing electrical. He's my hero.


Painters are there!

Yay, the cabinets will be painted white. The painters were taping as of yesterday... I think painting should start today.
(Camera phone picture)

I believe we'll do the moving on Wednesday.
We definitely need to be out of our place before Friday.
Luckily, we don't have much stuff at ALL.
I'm really thrilled because in the current, "room" we have NO storage.
Like, if I were to buy a pack of toilet paper at Costco, I'm not quite sure where I'd store it.
NOW we will have SO much storage. So lovely.


The Washer and Dryer Caper

>> Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok, so we ordered a washer and dryer from sears.com a week or so ago.

We had it delivered to the import/export agency our Company uses in San Diego.

Sears attempted to deliver it last Wednesday, but found that no one was at the import/export place. So, they called me here, in Cabo. We got a hold of the importer and he said, "I'm here!" So, bottom line was, the washer and dryer did not get delivered, even though people were there. No big deal, it happens.

THEN, I get a phone call from Sears saying that I need to reschedule my delivery time. That the washer and dryer will be delivered next Tuesday (tomorrow). Ok. Fine.

So I call the importer on Friday of last week asking if he's received my rug yet. He said, "I have your washer and dryer." I said, "You do?"After some odd Spanglish, I got off the phone utterly bewildered.

So, does he have my washer and dryer? Or my rug? Both? One? The other?

So during this time I have since gotten 3 phone calls from Sears.com telling me that my washer and dryer will be delivered to the San Diego address (importer) at some point tomorrow.

Ok. Fine. No worries. I call the importer's office, the secretary answers, I tell her the washer and dryer will be delivered tomorrow. She said, "Ok, I am open until 8 a.m. until 6 p.m." Perfect.


THEN, I just get a phone call from someone here in Cabo, a Snell employee, telling me that importer has contacted her and that our washer and dryer will be delivered to our house tomorrow at noon.

THIS is weird. I wonder if the RUG isPublish Post coming tomorrow and the washer and dryer later.

Because at this point, I am expecting a washer and dryer here in Cabo at my house at noon and a washer and dryer at the importer in San Diego sometime between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.



And so it begins...

  • Moving starts tonight.
  • Got a guy to do the cupboards for $800 - that is $900 cheaper than the first quote. Starts painting tomorrow. Cabinet doors removed today.
  • Light fixtures went up today (Hallway, kitchen and living room.) Haven't found ones I like for the bathrooms yet.
  • Bringing lease to work tomorrow for co-worker to help me get our phone line/internet set up. Should be able to pick up our modem on Wednesday at Telmex.
  • C. bought crown molding and will be putting it up at the house this evening.
  • New oven picked out. Will be installed soon.
  • C. measured for a new sink.

That's it for now.