The C Report

>> Friday, June 08, 2007

Background: C. has been living in Cabo for 5 months and 8 days.

Most exciting thing:

"That we'll be moving. Into a house. With our dog."

Newest thing you've learned:
"About the little development behind Fonatur, where we'll be moving."

Food issues/thoughts:
"I have no food issues. I love Mexican food."

Job Thoughts:
"Right now I'm just putting in my time, learning the market and waiting for my break."

Overall thoughts:
"I'm still glad we moved here. It's a chance of a lifetime, really. It's nice to live in paradise."

What do you miss?:
"I miss family get-togethers, friends, glass blowing, etc."

Overall Comments:

"I am looking forward to being able to do stuff on our new residence and have fun doing that, instead of spending the weekends in our hotel room."


Paperwork is coming together!

The house is ours! It's a bit more expensive than we anticipated... But, they're getting in and doing repairs right now. :-) Wah-who! Should be ready in 15 days. I say 16 "business" days, so I bet by June 29th? Probably?


Sweet deal is over for new subscribers

>> Thursday, June 07, 2007

If you're planning on moving to Mexico and getting the same Verizon plan I have - you can't.

They finally caught on to us. We're getting by with murder.

I pay $100 per month to keep my Ohio number and call anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. I also have 1000 free mobile-to-mobile minutes and some other perks. I use my U.S. cell constantly.

When I had Cingular - I paid something like $650.00 for about 200 minutes. Uh-huh.

So, I guess as long as C & I keep our plan, we're good to go. Awesome. Very good. I love when I don't miss out on a good deal.


In my mind I've gone to Carolina...

...or, Toledo.
We'll be flying home June 21st (Thursday) until June 26th (Tuesday).


One of my favorites

At pilates, which is all-Spanish (and bits of English when I don't understand), I love it when Mara (the instructor) says:

  • bicep, pronounced, "Bee-sep"
  • tricep, pronounced, "Tree-sep"
Love it.


A Weight lifted.

>> Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We found a place to live.
It's adorable.
I am so happy.
It's in San Jose, not Cabo.
Close to family, work & life.
Most importantly, Nattie's coming home.
More details to come.
*Note: The girl in the photo? That's not me.


The moon on Saturday.

Full moon.
As seen from my sister's patio.


Two of my plants

My shamrock plant I got from my Mother just a month ago.
Looks great, doesn't it?!
(Yes, those are Christmas lights wrapped around the pot.
Yes, we are bringing a little T-town ghetto flava to Mykonos 201B)

Planted these cute little beauties on Sunday.
I like looking out and seeing flowering stuff.
(I miss my garden/yard at home. Especially my lilac trees.)



>> Monday, June 04, 2007

(This is where I work.)
  • It's overcast today.
  • Had a GREAT weekend. I planted flowers. (Just one a couple of pots.) I'll take a picture tonight.
  • I also planted an "herb" garden (in a pot) from seed. We'll see what happens with that. Thinking I might need to cover it with saran wrap.
  • No word on the housing situation yet.
  • I'm thinking that the house in Cabo might be our best bet.
  • I need my hair done. Badly.
  • I miss my dog.
  • We found some more "treasures" (sea glass) last night. Fun.