Only in Mexico

>> Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There are now time share salesperson's IN the grocery store. At Mega.

Pick up some milk, bread...oh yeah, and a time share.


(Please re-read the title of this post.)


Every Time

The night before I see C., is like the day before Christmas.


It's time.

>> Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I miss him.


Oy. Mexico

See that? Above?
Ah yes, that's real.
It's a centipede.
It's gelatinous.
It was in my sister's closet.
In one of her shoes.
It's nearly 5 inches long.


What wants to move to Cabo now?



I will see my husband in 2 days.

This is very exciting news.


Housing Update

>> Monday, November 06, 2006

(Where the house will be built. The back will face that mountain/canyon.)

The apartment/condo was 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths.
It was older.
(I'm trying not to be a princess.)
Definitely not worth $1200 anywhere but in Cabo where there is a housing shortage.


Mi hermana and I checked it out. I was/am looking at it with an open mind.


We left there and then went to check out a little community/subdivision that is in the process of being built. It's one of those quaint little, cute neighborhoods were there are several styles of homes - and everyone picks the one they like. We checked out the models - and they're great!

My sister bought one.

Yup. She bought one. (Or pardon, is in the process of buying one.)

It's a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath home that has both an ocean (slight) and mountain/canyon (awesome) view. It'll be finished being built in April, but will need slightly more work after that. (You know, like a kitchen, bathroom, etc.)

C. and I will then rent it from my sister. ;-)

SO! We have a LONG TERM plan! It's just during the interim that we must find a place to stay - just somewhere for like 6 mos. or so. SO, this is a super-great thing. My sister builds equity, etc. - we have a place to live!

My brother is also thinking of buying a 3-bedroom place up the road. Awesome.

So, as of right now - this is great news! VERY cool.


Looks like we'll be staying in Cabo for a little while...
(Inside of the house - a picture of a picture)

(Outside of the house. There are no garages here, really. See that little cover to the left of the front window? On the side of the house? That's where the washer and dryer go...outside of the house. Crazy different. I love Mexico.)


Place to live

Today, my sister and I will be heading out and taking a look at a possible place for C. and I to live. It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. Let's cross our fingers!

One of the concerns here is that there is NOTHING on the market. We got a call this a.m. that this was available and we'll check it out at 4. Hopefully it's nice and works out. If not, hopefully something else works out.


Fo Mo

>> Sunday, November 05, 2006

Four more nights, and I will see my husband, my dog, my house, my bed, my stuff and my other life. (**smile**)

I love it here, but I must admit - going home is worrisome for me--only because it's when I'm actually physically there that I miss my "old" life.

I'm much better with change. Make the decision, DO it, be done. Don't look back. MOVE on. I'm not good with waffling back and forth - and until C. gets here permanently, I feel as if going back and forth is "waffling." You know? I much prefer he comes here. (But then again, it's good to get out of this little place every so often. Everyone says it's absolutely necessary to do so.)

It's such a weird feeling to know that my life is now here (though not 100% of it), yet I still have some "life" back there.

I'm ready for both of my lives to meet up. Here. In Cabo.

I'm bracing myself though, I don't want to be overly sentimental about everything I own. You know? I have a feeling this will happen. Pictures on the wall, my dining room table, my bathroom, my bathTUB, all of my favorite things...

Ugh. This is going to kill me.



Dinner in Mexico

Tonight at dinner, an older, middle-aged white woman wearing an ill-fitting halter dress (complete with the obligatory vacation lobster-colored back sunburn), drank entirely too much red wine, shimmied and sang to a mariachi trio that played ALL of the verses of the ever-popular Mexican hit, "La Bamba."

Two thumbs up to that lady.

Definitely an exciting dinner with the fam.


The hazards of sharing a shower with a 7-year-old


Mexican Culture Observation 1,098

Mexican people, men in particular, are short. I'm not kidding. While waiting outside of the airport today when picking up my brother, I watched the natives.

I'm not kidding - I'd say the average height of a Mexican man is maybe 5' 5". I'm not kidding.

There are days I feel like a GIANT here.

(Other story: On the way to the airport there was a very large cow dead on the side of the road.)