Oy. Mexico

>> Tuesday, November 07, 2006

See that? Above?
Ah yes, that's real.
It's a centipede.
It's gelatinous.
It was in my sister's closet.
In one of her shoes.
It's nearly 5 inches long.


What wants to move to Cabo now?


wrestling kitties 6:20 AM  

YUCK!!! SO DISGUSTING!!!! I can't STAND anything with more than 4 legs and that is absolutely gross!!! I have goose bumps because that thing freaks me out - ICK!!!! Kudos to who ever caught it!

(i am itching on my body just thinking about it - shivers)

T.L. Curth 6:28 AM  

OK....so very gross. I HATE bugs.....it's why I won't live in Florida - the bugs are too big. And that thing found in your sister's shoe...OMIGOD....yuck. Thank you for creeping me out completely this morning. :)

Tiny 6:36 AM  



malissa 12:26 PM  

yeah, i lived in FL and the bugs weren't this icky (large spiders maybe....but geez).
for reasons pictured in this blog post, i am reconsidering EVER visiting you now. great.

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