My day

>> Saturday, December 09, 2006

I layed in the sun today.

On December 9th.



There's an Olympian in this fam

>> Thursday, December 07, 2006

(L to R: Litle girl I don't know, Marianna, Chloe, Elphaba)

(The gorgeous scenery at the school where the meet was located.)
(The parking lot/gym area where the meet was held.)

Today was incredibly overcast. Odd. Seemed cold even though it was around 75 or so. That breeze from the ocean does get chilly. Anywho...

This afternoon/early evening I had the pleasure of witnessing my first outdoor gymnastics meet. Chloe, the future Olympian (or cheerleader) did fantastically on her routing. In fact, she even took home a silver medal. (We're all extremely proud.)

Watching "organized" sports in Mexico is...different...but cool. Really cool.



Dos semanas mas!!!

>> Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two more weeks will I sleep alone.
Then I will be in my home on the 22nd.
Then I will be with my husband (where I belong) for the rest of our lives. (Barring neither of us decides to move to another country, thus starting another 5-month long separation.)


I can't believe we've almost been living apart from one another for 5 months.

It's flown by and dragged on.
It's been depressing and exciting.
It's been exhilarating and scary.
It's tested us, pushed us and has solidified one thing:

I love him, love him, love him. Without him I'm not as strong as I thought I was.

He's allowed me to try something new. To live "independently," to go after my dreams. To do what I needed to do. He's let me be me.

He's exactly what I had inscribed on his wedding band - He's my everything.

He's comforted me through tears over the phone. He's taken care of every last detail of our "Ohio lives" so that I could concentrate on starting this chapter. He's trusted me, loved me, and believed in me.

I'll say it again: I love him, love him, love him.


Piñata time!

On Saturday I was at the office doing some work (I'm a loser) and my sister called me to tell me to go to one of the two gas stations in San Jose because the rumor around town was that we were out of gas.

(We rely on Semi tanker trucks to bring us our gas and if they're delayed, well, then we have no gas.)

So, off I went.

Check out the line.

It took my sister an hour.

It took me about 25 minutes. Totally an adults' version of a piñata beating -- hurry up, cut in front of other cars! Try to be first! They're SO good at creating lines. I was up to get gas and of course, a truck cut in front of me. I'd say he was 2 cm. from hitting me. I (for some reason) honked and yelled at him. (I was kinda worried that he was was going to kill me afterwards, but I'm totally alive and well.)



Annoying thing about Mexico #23


Ok, so all of the chocolate that comes to our stores is trucked in. It's a long, long drive. In an semi.

During that time the most rancid thing happens: the chocolate melts, re-solidifies into a weird waxy mess - and then is put on the shelves of our grocery stores for all of us to buy and "enjoy."

Case in point:
I recently purchased a bag of Hershey Kisses. Why? I need chocolate randomly throughout my day. The bag is a flippin' crap shoot. Sometimes, there are chocolate "kisses" (more like waxy blobs) that are completely OUT of the foil. Other times, the chocolate has turned this odd white color. (And it's milk chocolate.)


How does a Gringa get a not-re-melted, hard-as-a-rock piece of milk chocolate?


What is up.

>> Monday, December 04, 2006

All is just fine.

The weather has turned, there's been some crazy wind at night -- but it's sleep-with-the-windows open weather.

Still no place to live.

Put an ad in the paper today to sell my car.

C. & I are getting through our list of "to do's". That's positive.

I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping and I'm thinking about skipping dealing with that this year. I have no time. And when I get home, I DO NOT want to be spending my 2 days before Christmas at the flippin' mall.


Going to bed.



>> Sunday, December 03, 2006

'Twas a rough weekend for me.

Here's to a new week.