Piñata time!

>> Wednesday, December 06, 2006

On Saturday I was at the office doing some work (I'm a loser) and my sister called me to tell me to go to one of the two gas stations in San Jose because the rumor around town was that we were out of gas.

(We rely on Semi tanker trucks to bring us our gas and if they're delayed, well, then we have no gas.)

So, off I went.

Check out the line.

It took my sister an hour.

It took me about 25 minutes. Totally an adults' version of a piñata beating -- hurry up, cut in front of other cars! Try to be first! They're SO good at creating lines. I was up to get gas and of course, a truck cut in front of me. I'd say he was 2 cm. from hitting me. I (for some reason) honked and yelled at him. (I was kinda worried that he was was going to kill me afterwards, but I'm totally alive and well.)



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