A day of grocery store perfection.

>> Sunday, April 29, 2007

My horoscope* today, as told to me by my husband, was:

"What may seem like amazing good luck is actually a reward you've earned."


Normally when grocery shopping in Cabo I get frustrated? Why? Because I can never find all that I'd like to find. Literally, when you go to the grocery whatever was there last week may or may not be there the next week. It's frustrating for someone (like me) who enjoys certain types of food.

Today, I was able to buy:

  • No-bake cheesecakes (2 boxes)
  • Boca Italian Sausages (5 boxes)
  • Boca Breakfast Sausage links (2 boxes)
  • Boca burgers (2 boxes)
  • Boca chili (1 box, never tried it before)
  • Vanilla wafers ! (I box)
  • Light Silk Soy Milk for C. (2 cartons)
  • Co-jack taco shredded cheese! (1 BIG 'ole bag.)
God bless Costco and C.C.C.
*I don't pay any real attention to horoscopes.


Why not?

Today, there were two horses grazing in the grassy area by the glorieta (turn about) in front of Mega.


Nothing says, "Welcome to Cabo" like two horses just freely grazing around the most dangerous intersection in the area.


A whole new level

On my way back from Cabo to San Jose today there was a panhandler at the light by the Pemex station going from car to car requesting contributions to his living budget.

Ok, no biggie. Whatever. It's Mexico.

This particular entrepreneur actually was caring around his x-rays to backup his medical condition. Awesome. This truly is taking begging to a whole new level.


Living without the networks

In our place, C. and I have been living without the networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX) on our satellite t.v. At first, this was a big deal for me.

Now? No big deal at ALL. I'm all about the following non-network shows:

  • Run's House
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Jon & Kate plus 8
  • Man Vs. Wild
  • Re-runs of Alice
However, I still get LOST, The Office and HEROES from iTunes. C. gets My Name is Earl and Reno 911.