Cabo Confession

>> Saturday, October 21, 2006

I don't eat well. At all.

I am a meatless eater, and at this point, essentially a vegetable-less eater.

I ate so much better in Ohio.

My weekly menu usually consists of:

  • cereal (a lot of it) with soy milk (can't remember the last time I drank regular milk.)
  • 2 different kinds of sandwiches (PB & J with chips, or muenster/Havarti with lettuce & mayo)
  • Boca brats
  • Hummus & pita bread
  • Sushi
Literally, that is it. UGH. I hate cooking. I hate meat. I don't like the whole thing.

In Ohio, I was super-great at taking my vitamins, everything. Here? Not so great.

Perhaps I'm experiencing a "wake-up call" of sorts...


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