Not the BEST timing...

>> Monday, October 23, 2006

I certainly hope that hurricane Paul doesn't negatively impact my visit with my dear husband.

It's supposed to offer some hard wind, rain, etc. to us on Tuesday evening...(of course, around the same time that my C. is coming in town.) So, I'm bracing myself for a delay.

This is ok. Why? We've waited this long. I just want him to fly safely.

(According to my sister, this is pretty late in the season for a Cabo-area hurricane. The last time one hit this late was 1950.)


wrestling kitties 7:18 AM  

I will pray that everything will work out for you and Craig and everyone will be safe!!! One more day :-)

T.L. Curth 8:43 AM  

Damn hurricanes!

I hope C. makes it there safely...I can tell how much you miss him!

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