6 months and O.V.E.R. it.

>> Tuesday, January 16, 2007

**NOTE: This is a rant. It probably doesn't make a lot of sense, the grammar might be incorrect and it probably can't be reasoned through. Read at your own risk. I don't complain a lot on these here blogs, but today...I need to.

"They" say, (the people who've moved here from the States), that you hit periodic roadblocks in the first year of being a Cabo-ite. Emotional ones.

The first week or so you're here, it's crazy. "Why am I here. This is crazy."

Then, at the three-month point, you're questioning, a bit overwhelmed, and feeling out of your element. "This place is too different. I miss my old life, I'll never get used to this."

Then, you approach the six-month point. Where I currently am hovering.

I'm over it. To borrow from Maroon 5, living in Paradise isn't always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise. You compromise EVERYTHING that you're used to for a new life. And, friends, sometimes you just are OVER it.

Today, I'm over it.
Yesterday, I was over it.
10 days ago, I was over it.

Finally, while standing in my sister's kitchen talking to C. last night did it occur to me that the reason I have been so fed up with my current life status is because I'm at the unavoidable six-month mark.

This too, shall pass.

Until then, forgive my undeniable negativity and know that I miss reading the newspaper. A real one. (Not that The Blade is a "real" newspaper, I meant "real" as in not online.) I miss looking at ads. I miss coke
slushes. I miss the ease of running over to my friend's house to watch T.V. I miss my friends. I miss my family. I miss not having to deal with international logistics. I miss the other 7/8 of my life which is currently back in my home. I miss my dishes. I miss my old life.

I do NOT miss my old job.
I do NOT miss the weather in Toledo.
I do NOT miss the fact that so many of our friends were moving/moved away.
I do NOT miss not taking chances.

UGH. So here I am.

In paradise.


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