Explicable Emotion

>> Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yesterday was interesting.

I had an odd, not-like-me day. A friend from "home" (The U.S.) was here on a cruise. I used to work with her a couple of years ago. She's a dear, sweet, loving, hilarious, intelligent and comforting friend. It's worth mentioning that she's a bit older, and a bit mom-like to me and a bit wonderful.

She knows C. well - has pretty much seen him grow up. She knows my/our "past."

Well, she came in to Cabo and C. & I went to pick her and her best friend from childhood up at the dock.

We had a great lunch, a great time. We laughed, caught up, showed them around -- it was great.

She left and I sobbed.
I cried and cried and cried.

It came out of no where.

Yeah, don't know why. Couldn't even put my words together so that I could explain to C. what I was feeling. Nope. Just cried. And cried.

Then M. called (very good friend from home) and I cried when I heard her voice, too.

I got back to the office and talked to my sister (still crying) and she summed it up, "You're homesick."

I am.

I miss what was.

I miss friends & family. I miss their voices. I miss the people who know me inside and out. I miss "old times." I miss it. I miss "home."

That's not to say I don't love it here. I love that we made this decision. I love that this is where we are right now.

However, I just need to know and feel sometimes, I guess - that it's ok to be homesick.

I know I don't say it very often to those of you who are back at "home" in the U.S.- but I miss you. I do. And, I might not say it a lot - but sometimes that pang strikes and it strikes hard.

So many of you are so loved by me.


washed/and/dried 7:14 PM  

I feel your pain...I feel like that from time to time.

Linds,  9:55 PM  

Was it the Longaberger cruise that docked?

You wouldn't be normal if you weren't homesick. I'm glad you have C there to hug you now when these pangs strike. :)

Two/Dos Pretzels 10:01 PM  

Yup - it was the Longaberger cruise that docked. And no, I didn't see Jean. Just Peachie. Remember her?

malissa 9:03 AM  

love you, miss you, you are NORMAL for all of these feelings!! ;) can't wait to see you soon.

Linds,  1:17 PM  

How could I forget Peachie? That's great you got to see her. I think Jean planned on just sitting by the pool and not getting off the ship.

wrestling kitties 6:31 AM  

It is 100% OK and normal to feel homesick. Keep your head up!!

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