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>> Friday, February 02, 2007

It is currently 7:16 a.m. (MT) in Mexico. I'm up an hour earlier so I can take my nephew to school (my sister's out of town) and I look out an an AMAZING sunrise and it's irrelevant, because I still hate mornings.

I hate getting up. I hate being woken up to sounds made by others. I hate talking to people in the a.m. I hate it all.

I'm really not very congenial. I can be in Ohio, where I'm assuming it's about 16 degrees, or I can be in sunny Los Cabos, where it will be about 74 today. No matter - my morning-hate is universal, knows no borders and is an integral (though disdainful) part of who I am.


washed/and/dried 1:49 PM  

LoL. I've gotten better with the mornings, especially since I don't have a 8 am...never again.
PS - I like the new color scheme. True story.

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