Last night

>> Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Last night was a red-letter, A-1 night.

Here's why? Went to a great dinner with my sister & friends.

Then sat out on my balcony with Een (her blog here) and her sister, S. and my brother, B and my cute husband, C.

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

Een is by far, hands down the BEST joke teller I've ever heard. If the story were an hour, I would listen to it, enjoy it and probably want to listen to it again. And again.
It is SO nice to have E. and S. here.


C,  5:03 PM  

I second that. Great time.

hsl,  9:01 PM  

I wish I was there. Her stories are the absolute best. Geoff thinks he is as good but he totes is not. Don't tell him I said that though. He isn't hip enough to blog so he will never know....miss you!! H.

Iris Took 2:13 PM  

YESSSSSSSSSSSS! I am blushing right now! That was the most fun night I think!

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