Internet Update 26,030,030

>> Thursday, May 17, 2007

\Without the help of an AWESOME co-worker and friend, I wouldn't even be able to handle this. B., that I work with, has been awesome.

So today, she calls an outside vendor who does phone line service and he comes to help me. He's there for 5 minutes, finds that he can't do anything because the phone line box at Mykonos (where we live) is locked.

So, I talked to Olga, the Czarina of the complex, and she gives me the name of Neto, who speaks just a BIT of English. So, B., (that I work with), calls Neto and I have an appointment with him at Mykonos 201B at 1:30.

Everyone. KEEP your fingers crossed. Say a prayer. Light a candle. WHATEVER.


Iris Took 2:17 PM  

GOOD LUCK! Let's hope the Magic 8-ball is wrong.

TLC 2:30 PM  

yes...let's hope the magic 8 ball is wrong!

i would go insane w/out internet at home.

good luck!!!!!!!!!!

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