Our treasures

>> Monday, May 21, 2007

Each time C. and I go to the beach, we search for “treasures.” The beach near our place isn’t really a seashell type shore, instead it’s a bit more pebble-y.

Anywho, C. is a self-proclaimed “treasure hunter” (he explained just now he likes, “looking for booty”) and always seems to have an eye for sea glass. He found all the fun stuff you see above.

See that SEA-shell up there? C. found it yesterday and was uber-excited about, since shells (especially cool ones) are not an everyday occurrence here.

The flower in the little cup is from a tree in our little community. I ganked it. Anyone know what it is? They smell wonderful.


Two/Dos Pretzels 3:30 PM  

D. and T. told me what the flower is:

Jacalosucho or Xacalosucho

It's plumeria. It's WONDERFUL!

TLC 5:37 PM  

love the sea glass! that is awesome!

wrestling kitties 10:14 AM  

how fun! You could make some cute craft things with your treasures!!!

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