Our "Room"

>> Sunday, June 17, 2007

Soon enough C. and I will be moving out of Mykonos 201 B. Though the view is amazing, the location lovely - we're excited to move on.
C. has aptly named our home, "our room," for obvious reasons...

Things we will miss:

  • The ocean as our backyard
  • The pools
  • That this was our first "home" in Cabo
Things we will not miss:
  1. The ever-present highway noise (semis constantly breaking...)
  2. The ever-present dust from the construction site nextdoor.
  3. The ever-present construction sounds from the construction site next door.
  4. The Homeowners Association which disallows pets and only allows one parking spot. (Hmmmm...?)
  5. The size of our first "home" in Cabo. (We need mas que 750 sq. ft to live in.)
  6. Carrying groceries up to the second floor.
  7. Having new room for guests.
Walk into our place, our "foyer", if you will and you'll see this.
Bathroom on left, bedroom also on left.
(You can see a bit of it. Kitchen and living room to the right.)
Note my great shoes on the shelf and Craig's OSU hat on our lamp. :-)

The kitchen. And our trusty water cooler at right.
(Water only $2.00 a bottle! For that HUGE bottle. Goodbye individual water bottles!)
Also, note my cute Mickey Mouse cookie jar.

Our kitchen. See the toaster oven in the left-hand corner?
Also, do you see the oven or the dishwasher? No?
That's because we don't have them.

Living room. See C.? Laying on the couch?
Watching the love of his life: his T.V.
Note my computer on the floor and my etch-a-sketch on the ottoman.
Two necessities. (Also note, it's Sunday. We can be messy.)

Our view of the 2 pools and the ocean.
Also note three of my seven outside potted plants. :-)


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