Who needs WATER?

>> Saturday, June 16, 2007

Woke up this morning in Mykonos 201B to find that we had no water.

Let me map this out for you: this means no toothbrushing, toilet flushing, shower taking, leg shvaving, dishes washing, etc.

A few minutes ago I went down to the Mykonos Main Office to ask Olga what the dilly-yo was. As it turns out, a city water pipe has been damanged (i.e. broken) and therefore we have no water. However, we have cistern that is supposed to be always FILLED with water.

The question then becomes, is the cistern full?

Ah yes, let me answer this: No. The cistern, which is paid for by the homeowner's association to be full at all times for emergency situations is empty. Yes, empty.

Olga told me, "If we get water today...just try to use it sparingly." Olga. If you get water here today, I'll be happy to heed your request. If not, I might kill you.


Iris Took 2:50 PM  

Can you use your super-fabulous, excellent priced jug of water for your tasks?

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