Viva Mexico. ONLY in Mexico.

>> Saturday, July 07, 2007

You have to hear this.

C. and I were driving down to Cabo yesterday evening on our way to Home Depot, then to get a drink and some dinner down at Baja Cantina.

C. was driving Lola (my car) cautiously behind a Polica truck. I mean, who wants to speed and do anything wrong as an ex-pat around a Mexican police officer? Not us.

Before we knew it, the POLICEMAN in front of us deposited what appeared to be a McDonald's medium coke cup OUT OF HIS WINDOW and hit our car with it.

We laughed hysterically. Awesome.

ONLY in Mexico.


Iris Took 7:10 AM  

HAHAHAH! Oh man.

Randa,  11:06 AM  

I miss living in another country. Partly I think b/c almost everything encountered is new and I never knew everything that was going on around me. It's kind of hard to explain. But I got that feeling reading your blog, how much I miss foriegn countries.

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