'Aint no sunshine

>> Thursday, August 30, 2007

view from my window at work

I guess now is currently Mexico's "rainy" season. Let me tell you -- I LOVE it.
It's still hotter than all get out (think, super-humid) -- but it's so nice to experience weather variances. NOT sunshine everyday. (I know, "shut up, K."), but really. Who doesn't love a good overcast day? It just screams, "Stay in bed! Watch a movie!"


malissa 10:47 AM  

it's not crazy at all. when i lived in FL, i LIVED for the cloudy days. there were SO few of them (it's like the expats need this lack of sunshine....just to keep us grounded)! enjoy!

TLC 7:11 AM  

seriously jealous of the view from your office! palm trees!!!

i'd kill to see palm trees every day!

(plus, i have NO window in my office. i have to look out the window across the hall -- all i see is a parking lot.)


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