Tonight I showered with someone...
not my husband

>> Thursday, August 09, 2007

That would be this cute little guy. A teeny, tiny gecko. Maybe an inch long.
See him? To the right of the conditioner?
SO cute.
(There's one on my living room ceiling right now, no bigger than an inch from teeny nose to tail.)


A. 7:53 AM  

I don't know if I could handle that! I'm such a wimp when it comes to little living things.

Iris Took 9:43 AM  

I would have freaked out. What if he got stuck in your hair??

malissa 12:45 PM  

i'm somehow suprised that you find these things endearing. they are cute, but to shower and co-habitate with them?? not so sure....

TLC 6:31 PM  

Oh no. That would force me to run screaming from the shower.....

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