Well, they both start with an "H"

>> Sunday, September 09, 2007

My sister and I took our puppies (Fergie Lupita and Buttercup) to the vet for some vaccinations.

We get to the vet's office and the lovely woman working there asks (in Espanol) what kind of dogs they are. Fair enough.

They're Havanese. (From Cuba. Ok, ours are from Nebraska, but whatev.)

We look at one of two dog charts on her wall and we say (ok, my sister does) that Havanese are in the Bichon family...blah, blah...

Vet-worker lady nods, yet clearly has no idea. (I'm slightly alarmed.)

She then proceeds to prepare the vaccinations. (I'm still alarmed, slightly. I see no handwashing. No gloves. Nothing. However, my sister's calmness makes me feel as if everything that's happening is ok. I attempt to relax, all the while sweating like a pig and trying to soothe my high-strung dog.)

My sister and I then go check out the other dog chart on the wall.
We found the Cuba flag.
Next to the Cuban flag, is the name, "Habanero."

In Mexico, Havanese dogs are called, "Habaneros."


This made me smile.
Buttercup and The Ferg did fine with their vaccinations. Buttercup/ball got sick and Ferg was just lethargic. All good.


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