I hate Cingular

>> Monday, October 02, 2006

So, I got my phone bill today. See it up there? That's not a fib. That, my friends, is the truth. For the month, my cell phone bill is $590.59. That's not pesos, either.

As it turns out, each time I tried dialing my husband and got some sort of weird, "You can't connect now..." announcement in Spanish - I was being charged... 64-66 cents per minute. Let's just say, there's a bunch of those. ALL of my phone conversations averaged about 5 minutes long - with the exception of a couple 15 minute ones, and TWO 30 minute ones.

I hate Cingular. I hate ALL American cell phone companies. Why? Because they are unable to offer an acceptable rate. I know it can be done. How do I know? Because just about 2 yrs. ago, both my brother AND my sister got an AWESOME deal through AT & T. (Which is now, unfortunately CINGULAR.)

Still, I managed to rack up the largest cell phone bill I've ever seen.

So, to remedy this there will be some changes in my phone usage:

1.) I will utilize my sister's American cell phone as much as possible.
2.) I will utilize the Vonage phone (post work hours) at work.
3.) I will accept phone calls to my Mexican cell.
4.) I will look into a Vonage phone while at my sister's house, then will transfer it (or a new one) to our new abode (whenever we find a place.)
5.) I will look into internet phones - skype.com, etc.

Verizon has an International Long Distance play for people who call from the U.S., to Mexico, for .09 cents a minute. I think that C. is going to have to get that and call me on my MX cell.

Anywho, this was a major blow today.


Tiny 6:24 AM  

Holy crap. That downright sucks.

Good luck finding a new plan!!!

malissa 7:52 AM  

i hate cell phones whether in MX, USA or Timbuktu. I can't stand that they take you captive, can't do anything about "your usage" and just plain blow.
i'm sorry friend.

Ragan 4:15 PM  

you should try google talk -- similar to skype but possibly a little better since it is google after all. You just need a headset plugged into you're computer and it's free. Obviously not condusive for every occassions (ie drunk dials to your hubby at 2am) but might help the pain a bit.


PS -- I miss you and hope you're doing well ky!!

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