"I'm so busy."

>> Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I loathe when people complain about how busy they are. Can't stand it. "How are you?" "Swamped." Shush. Get over yourself. EVERYONE is busy.

However, since this is my blog and I can do with it what I want, I'd like to expand on the list of "To Do's" that is involved with the transition from Toledo, Ohio to Los Cabos, B.C.S. Mexico.

At this particular juncture, the husband and I are emailing back and forth a "To Do" list (one for him, one for me) that we both are commenting on, updating, writing notes about, etc. It's getting nuts.

Some of the things we must do BEFORE we move here after CHRISTMAS:

  • Buy me a new car, ship it to Mexico
  • Ship C.'s car to Mexico
  • Install a house alarm
  • Get a battery backup for the sump pump
  • Finish all online banking
  • Ready the house for our departure (timer lights, lineup snow removal, etc.)
  • Buy a laptop for Craig
  • Get all of our bills online
  • Buy "return to Cabo after Christmas" tickets
  • Research what Nattie needs to come to the country
  • Reserve a place on our flight for Nattie
  • Find a place to live. (This is a serious one. Or there might not be a Nattie for a little while.)
  • Sell my jetta or ship it back to the States.
  • Forward our mail
  • Finish up Dr.'s appointments
  • Pack up whatever stuff we want to move here from the States. UPS it to the importer in San Diego.
  • Oh, and spend time with our families and see everyone we want to see before we leave after Christmas...
That's just all I can remember right now.

Not to mention buying Christmas gifts for everyone, shopping, etc. I think we're just going to skip that this year.

I think we're both a bit overwhelmed. Quite honestly, though... this is all stuff that we really couldn't have done any sooner than what we're doing it.

All will be fine.


Mrs. Turtle 3:51 PM  

I know that since you have a boatload of family back here that I wouldn't be up on your list of people to see....however, M and I were talking about our need to go to Mi Hacienda with you while you are home!!!

(although I know it cannot compare with the authentic food you can now get!)

Two/Dos Pretzels 11:53 PM  

I would LOVE to go to Mi Hacienda with you two. REALLY.

Let's do that!

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