My Own Reality

>> Saturday, September 30, 2006

I can't believe I'm here.

I cannot believe that I no longer work at Owens Community College.
I cannot believe that I'm living in CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico.
I can't believe I have a JOB in Mexico.
I cannot believe any of it.

I can't believe that I shop in a grocery store where EVERYTHING is all in Spanish.
I can't believe that I took pesos out of the ATM.
I can't believe that I am DRIVING in another country.

I feel like I am very much so living someone else's life. I almost feel like I'm watching someone else's life... Nothing seems real.

It's just all so foreign. Obvioiusly, the being in a new country - but every experience I've been having for the past two months is new. Literally, every experience. I'm discovering everything. It's disconcerting to not have a frame of reference, however - it's also invigorating to see and participate in so many new experiences.


Whose life am I living?


I think I might feel like myself as soon as C. gets here. I'm independent, yadda yadda -- I just feel so incomplete without him here. Or, after I get my own place it'll probably feel more permanent, more true.

Anywho - what a flipping surreal experience.

I live in Mexico.




>> Thursday, September 28, 2006

  • Went to Immagrcion today. The FM3 should be delivered to work tomorrow.
  • Am tired.
  • Read a children's book out loud with Spanish tonight, because, according to her, "I'm just learning and I need some practice." My pronunciation blows. Nice to have her correct me. She said, "It's good that I'm Mexican!" :-) Indeed, it is.


Hump Day

>> Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(I always hated the term, "Hump Day." Huh? What? Ew.)

Overall feelings regarding today, Wednesday, September 27th:

  • I'm tired.
  • Work was exhausting. Filled with meetings, heat and planning.
  • Pilates wore me out.
  • I ate way too much chocolate. (Those mini hershey's things were in the office.)
  • I'm weirdly tired.
  • Got my FM3 photos. (They made me take my earrings out and pose with my hair tucked behind my ears. Huh? I look like some stick-out-eared elf. Nice.)
  • Tomorrow I head down to Immigration in San Lucas to get my FM3. (They'll have me sign something and get my fingerprints.)
Ok, my throat hurts. I'm going to bed.


Update on C.

>> Tuesday, September 26, 2006

C. got his official copy (with gold seal) of his Ohio Real Estate License. I believe we're going to have him start his FM3 process when he comes here (to Cabo) to visit in October.

It's becoming a big more real now.


A small step, but a GiAnT leap for moi

Sadly, this is a big deal to me:

1.) I went to Mega (supermarket) by myself. (This entailed adding up "pesos" in my head and then paying and tipping appropriately. (You tip the baggers here.)

2.) I used the ATM and withdrew pesos. (Not the big of deal, but still.)

3.) I drove through a Mexican "detour" down a road I've never been on without hitting the high-curbs on the right side and the orange cones on the left side. (Go me.)

Yes, each day is a triumph.


"Welcome HOME"

My sister left Cabo for Vegas today, when I arrived back into Cabo. She emailed me while waiting on a FOUR HOUR LAYOVER (huh?!) in Phoenix.

She said, "Welcome HOME."


Let's ponder that second word: "HOME."

Up until this point, my "home" has been in Ohio. But, can it be that my "home" may be becoming this part of the world? Quite possibly.

Maybe right now it's just Cabo, but just as soon as my best friends (C & Nattie) join me - it will indeed become "home."