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>> Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1. We're trying to figure out when we're going to go back to Toledo from June - October. Since it's about $1200 for us both to go at any single time, we're trying to plan appropriately so as to not miss showers, family get-togethers, important memorial golf outings, friend get-togethers, bachelorette parties and weddings. Eek. Not to mention, I'm out of conditioner and need my hair done. Badly.

2. We're also attempting to figure out where we're going to live. Although Mykonos has been very good to us (we're on the ocean/ beach!) - we require: a.) more livable space b.) a second bedroom c.) our dog to live with us and d.) a place that allows 2 cars. We're looking at a house in Cabo today.

3. Hmmm... that's about it.

Thought I'd give the rundown.

P.S. It's going to be so nice for me, C. and Nattie to all be together again.


Iris Took 7:30 PM  

Together-ness is great. Hopefully your new place will have a real oven :)

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