The C. Report, Edition Uno (1)

>> Monday, January 01, 2007

Background: C. has been living in Cabo for one full day. I think it'll be fun to track his thoughts regarding his move. Here we are:

Most exciting thing:

"Sleeping with my wife in the same bed." (Aw.)

Newest thing you've learned:
"How to drive in Mexico." (We made him learn to drive last night, on New Year's Eve... by himself. Awesome.)

Current thoughts on the Mexican Culture:

"I have none yet. I haven't really experienced anything. There was nothing open, due to the holiday." (We attempted to go to Home Depot, but it was closed.) "However, I saw a wonderful movie with the family at a very chaotic (busy) cinema."

Food issues/thoughts:
"I have none. Guacamole from Mega was great. I miss Silk Soy Milk."

Job Thoughts:
"I'm ready to begin. I'm a little anxious." (He starts tomorrow.)

Overall thoughts:
"I'm excited to begin 2007 in Mexico. Shake and bake."

What do you miss?:
"Routine. I miss the routine of working, our house, just having 'our stuff', etc." (He didn't say it, but I know he misses Nattie, too. And, not to worry - he'll have a routine in no time.)

What do you look forward to learning?:

"Some Spanglish."

What else are you looking forward to?:

"Great weather, fun times with the family and the other part I won't say." (Thank you, C.)


wrestling kitties 8:41 AM  

AW - How fun and exciting!!!! Good luck on your first day at work C., you will do great!!!

Where is Nattie???

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