Our "Welcome-to-Cabo-I'm-glad-you're-here" dinner

>> Saturday, January 06, 2007

Last night was lovely.

C. & I went to a new restaurant that we had never been to in San Jose: Casianos. (Click here for the website... totally cool.)

It was a five-course meal and the chef goes down to the market in the morning and then buys his supplies for the day. He then creates these amazing meals. You order nothing specific, they just bring it to you. (We just asked for no red meat or chicken.)

It was phenomenal. The service was fantastic and we had a super time.

When we got there, the waiter congratulated us on our honeymoon and at the end of the meal we were given a complimentary glass of champagne in honor of our recent marriage.

We were then asked if we'd like a ride back to our resort.


I love it here. :-)


Linds,  2:04 PM  

The key to this situation is to not go often enough that they recognize you so then you will get the same greeting each time. I laughed out loud! Sounds like a great evening!

wrestling kitties 4:37 PM  

HAHA! AWESOME! Sounds like a great evening :-)

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