Mexicans force winter.

>> Friday, January 05, 2007

Ok, let's be real. It's beautiful here. Right now? Probably 70-ish.

Yes, there's an ocean breeze.
Yes, it's chilly enough at night to require a coat.
Yes, yes, yes.

However, it is never cold enough here during the day to warrant the cold-weather clothing that many Los Cabo-ites insist on wearing.

Take for example two minutes ago. I look out of my window and see a native wearing a purple turtleneck sweater, long jeans and boots. Not three feet away from her is a Gringo on vacay wearing a white t-shirt, shorts, & flips.

She is dressed UNseasonably warmly.
He is dressed appropriately.

Friends, they force winter.


Anonymous,  3:45 PM  

You may feel that way this year..... but wait until next year when you have completely acclimated. Suddenly sixty degrees feels like its time to pull out your parka. :)

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