Housing Update

>> Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ok, here's the deal.
This will be the last week that we're living with my sister.

Finally, after years - she will have none of her siblings living with her.

C. and I will be moving into my brother B.'s place after he moves out of it.
We'll be all of 2 seconds away from him and his fiancee, B.
We'll be all of 5 minutes away from my sister.

It's all good.


I have to tell you, after SEVEN MONTHS I am so excited to live in my "own" space. I think I'm going to feel like an adult again.


The house? It's not done. In fact, the contract expired on it and my sister didn't renew it. We're thinking it's a bad investment since 20-something of the 200 homes in the community are SINKING. Seriously.


washed/and/dried 1:05 PM  

Houses are sinking?! WHAT?! That's insane.

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