Movies in Cabo

>> Monday, March 05, 2007

Take a look at our beloved theatre.


It's great. A little late getting the 'ole new movies, but still. It's cheap.
And near Haagan Daas.


Metacognitive Musings 6:30 PM  

I love it - I would like to see Borat to see what the hype is about.

Jill 9:00 PM  

do they have english subtitles? have you checked out "pan's labyrinth" yet?

Two/Dos Pretzels 9:29 AM  

Get this. All of the "American" movies are in ENGLISH with SPANISH subtitles.

All of the Mexican movies are in SPANISH with ENGLISH subtitles.

(No idea why I chose to use all-caps for communicating that.)

Jill - I've missed you.

Nope, haven't see the Labrynith one yet. You?

Jill 12:33 PM  

yeah, labrynith is really cool... it was in SPANISH with ENGLISH subtitles (ha, caps!).

LA is great... still looking for that perfect job, but i've been freelancing at the LA Times for now. i would love to visit you in Cabo... i'll let you know when i can make that happen for sure!

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