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>> Thursday, March 08, 2007

I miss Jeopardy. I haven't seen it since I moved here.
This is one of my all time favorite shows. I love it.
Alex Trebec? Kinda weird. Kinda full of himself.
However, nothing beats that show.
The set hasn't changed in like 25 years, nor has the music, and you cannot TELL me that you don't want to press that answer buzzer and write on that screen during final jeopardy at least ONE time before your time on earth is up.



TLC 8:08 AM  

love that show. don't watch it much...but it's fun to watch.

and you're right...Alex Trebek is a know-it-all...but then again, he has the card w/ all the answers. LOL. I'd like to see how smart he is in the hot seat, having to push the buzzer!! :)

Metacognitive Musings 3:09 PM  

Did you hear that last Friday there was a three way tie for the first time in JEopardy history! Crazy! Alex went nuts (Actually I didn't get to see it, but I heard about it).

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