It happened.

>> Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lola. Her back end prior to last Friday.

I had my first real "accident" while driving in Mexico last week.

I was at a 4-way "stop" (and I use the word "stop" loosely. Very loosely. So loosely that no one ever stops here. Most don't even do a "rolling stop" instead they just drive past the sign as if it wasn't BIG, RED and clearly stating "ALTO" (stop) in Spanish.)

Anywho, I was STOPPED at a 4-way stop because I had seen a VERY large (think dump truck) coming from the right-hand side ready to turn left RIGHT in front of my Lola.

Well, I was plenty away from the stop sign in preparation for this guy's turn... (Think six feet or so. I didn't want him to swipe the front of my car.)

Well, as it turns out he approached the stop sign, didn't stop and was turning, turning, turning in front of me, oh wait, no, about to turn directly into my car.

I had no choice but to throw Lola (see above) in reverse and "bump" the PT Cruiser behind me. The way I saw it, it was either me losing my entire front end or the PT Cruiser behind me getting a little tap. The 20-ish-female driver honked. I ignored her and reversed. Then, there it was. That horrible car-on-car sound. (Ew.)

So, after having a very quick heart attack from nearly being driven over by a huge dump truck, the girl comes to my car and was like, "Ummm????" and I responded with, "I am SO sorry. It was either I reverse or lose my WHOLE front end." She said, IN ENGLISH (YESSSSS!!!! I hit someone who speaks English! What are the odds! YES!), "I know. I saw it. Are you ok?" I was fine.

She was a friendly person. Lovely.

We looked at our cars. A scratch on my bumper (no biggie) and a golf-ball sized bump on her bumper. I gave her my card with my phone number on it, told her I'd pay for it to get fixed, and off we went.

That was last Friday. Still no phone call. Ah well. Such is driving in Mexico.


malissa 12:28 PM  

i'm glad that you, and Lola, and the other driver are all pretty okay. yuck!

Iris Took 6:59 AM  

Quick thinking! Isn't that insane that you made the correct decision and hit someone? I am SO HAPPY you are ok my dear.

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