Me & Craig Vs. Them

>> Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cockroaches are native to Los Cabos. (Ok, and probably anywhere.)
They live here and attempt to get into the homes for a respite from the heat.
They breed in water drains. (I know. Puke.)
There are two kinds: the dirty people kind, and the non-dirty people kind.
Anyway - we moved into our home last week and for the four days following our move, we saw at least one cockroach INSIDE a day. 3 out of the 4 were dead. These were of the non-dirty-people variety.

Ok. Not cool.

I am/was paranoid. I turn on lights and wait before I walk anywhere at night. I was, and still am, on ultra-high-alert. I mean, I am ON. EDGE.

Then, for the past 2 days, we haven't seen any. Nice. I started to relax. The knot in my shoulder protruding forth a 'la the Elephant Man anymore...

However, let me tell you about last night.
We go to bed and I notice two patches of ants (about 1.5 inches in diameter) on our ceiling. (That's like a gajillion ants.)

We kill them. All of them around midnight. Eh, it's ants. No biggie.

I wake up around 1 a.m. Something is crawling on me. Something else is crawling on me. Oh wait, something else is crawling on me. ANTS.

Lights go on, ants are in our bed. On our pillows. Crawling up the walls. On the ceiling. On us. I'm <-----------> that close from losing it. I mean, screaming, whaling losing it.

We move the bed, my prince of a husband proceeds to lysol (yet another good reason why lysol kicks BUTT) the h-e-l-l out of the ants. He gets rid of them all.

I attempt to go back to sleep. (Have you tried to fall back asleep after having had bugs crawl all over you? Not easy.)


So, today, we had the house fumigated. C. came home and found 3 cockroaches in our shower, 2 cockroaches in the guest shower and about 10 cockroaches in the laundry room and just 1 in the living room. All dead. On their little backs. And, there are about 10,000 dead ants in our room.

So, all is well in our home. I'm hoping to actually sleep tonight.

P.S. Cockroaches are revolting and I hate them.
P.S. C. patched the big HOLE in our wall around the air conditioner mini split where he thinks they got in.


A. 6:37 AM  

This is very unfortunate and I'm glad it's taken care of - but I couldn't help laughing as soon as I read 'dead ant'. The Pink Panther theme instantly started going through my head - 'dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead annnnnt...'

Tiny 6:57 AM  

Oh. My. God. That is straight out of a horror movie, K! I remember when we had one mouse in our house... I couldn't sleep for like a week!

Good luck!!!

TLC 10:51 AM  

OK, all I have to say is EWWWW!!!!

My skin is all crawly now....I feel like I have ants crawling on me.

I would have flipped out! I hate bugs (reason # 5,467 that I don't live anywhere tropical).

malissa 12:31 PM  

not that Florida is LIKE mexico, but we paid a yearly fee to have our house serviced once a month (and we could call them ANYTIME we saw a single bug in between and they would come free of extra charge). bugs are BAD in FL, and this was wonderful. a must for the bug-ridden parts of the south.

Anonymous,  1:34 PM  

I don't know why but ants are something I just cannot deal with. I guess I feel like if there is one ant, the walls are probably filled with millions of others. Sometimes it seems that there can be an endless number of them coming from some mysterious origin. I hate them.

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