Let me share with you some photos of Los Cabos

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today as I was driving home, I came across this and it cracked me up.
The belt around the port-a-potty was SO tight, the actual plastic "structure" was breaking.
It indeed was very secure. As you can tell from my vantage point, I chose to not drive directly behind it.

It cracked me up that the driver of this Grand prix actually parked SO close to the red tracker that he could BARELY fit through the opening.
I wish you could have seen him open his car door.
I mean, really...is it that important to get that close to the front door?
Note: There was an empty spot to the right of the white Jetta that he could have parked in.


Metacognitive Musings 4:27 PM  

It looks as if the white Jetta is about to go Through the building.

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