Things I've learned since starting this blog:

>> Wednesday, July 18, 2007

  1. Flexibility. Mexico is not like the U.S. There is a time schedule, but it is not my own.
  2. Hurricane Preparedness. Hurricanes are boring, bring a lot of rain and really just throw a wrench into everyday life.
  3. Heat. It's hot here. Hotter than Ohio will ever be. SPF is required.
  4. Fish Tacos. They are necessary to Mexican life.
  5. Verizon. The wireless company has saved my a-double-s many-a-time. Thank you God for that amazing cell plan.
  6. Family. Living in a new country with my siblings and niece and nephews has been a gift. Truly, a gift.
  7. Friends and co-workers. They've accepted me and made me feel like family. They're great. There is something to be said for individuals who let an outsider in.
  8. Limes. Limes are good on everything. Lemons are unnecessary.
  9. The water. There is nothing like seeing the ocean everyday and setting foot in it at least once a week.
  10. Driving. It is scary to drive here.
  11. English as a second language. I have never respected bi-lingual individuals so much as I do now.
  12. Slower pace. Here you have no choice but to move at the speed of...Mexico. It's frustrating at times, but exhilarating most of the time. Relax. Enjoy. No worries.
  13. The necessity of him Living for nearly 6 months without my best friend was hard. And I'd never do it again. But, I did re-discover how much I needed him.


Iris Took 7:16 AM  

Aw. You are so cute little Miss Pretzels.

Iris Took 7:17 AM  

...and fish tacos are amazing. So much better in Mexico.

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